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Wow. That was my song...

Wow. Speechless. You made my song look awesome in a flash. Wow. I'm really flattered that you chose mine. If you want I can make you a custom song. All on your benifit.

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Quarl responds:

Yeah sure, that sounds great! Except it would be great if you responded to my email instead. I don't feal like openly giving out my email address or my aim screen name. If you don't respond to this in 1 weeks time i'll asume you deleted the email and i'll send you another.


Where was I just now? Did I just fall out of my body?


Yep, That guy in the toon had the weirdest shaped head I have ever seen. Good movie. Finally happy that someone has stood up and said that song was stupid AND made a flash about it. Kudos.

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A great storyline sets the pace for a macabre atmosphere, shocking visuals, and fantastic music and sound. The backtracking was a bit daunting, but overall I enjoyed the exploration of the small manor. Unfortunately, I feel that you gave us a lower quality here and divert people to your main site. I understand revenue has to be made, but I'd honestly rather watch an ad then to be diverted to a site, and then be told that a 'free' game requires a 'donation' which is no donation at all.

Regardless, it isn't something I'd pay money for, but I am more than happy to wait for the release of the next chapter. Bravo to you. Keep up the fine work.

Amazing atmosphere. The music and the art are fantastic. Gameplay controls really sync to each other. I was one of the ones to get 'stuck' on the first boss. Took him out after about 15-20 flips. Finally realized he took damage on the flip. Oh. Look. Spikes. Hah! then I read about the [?] button.

People need to remember the old games that didn't tell you what to do. You were stuck with the cartridge and the controller. Half the fun is figuring it out. Or, just having a good ol' fashioned difficulty contest. Regardless, solid game. Will keep my save going, and keep coming back.

Asvegren responds:

I'm very glad that you're enjoying it, thanks for the review! Good luck with the rest!

I hardly write reviews, but wow. Fun and addicting game. I loved the music. Sadly, I haven't gotten all of the medals. The only thing I found frustrating is the inability to jump during invincibility frames. I can't stand hitting a group of two bunnies and a tomb all at once and having my hearts dropping from full to have fun dying at the 550m mark. I loved the music transition (and the music itself) but wish after the second transition it did not loop back to the beginning. I wouldn't say these are complaints at all. A super solid game. Will recommend to friends to play! Hope to see more like it! :D

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Very nice.

Amazing, but some of the lines are a little bland.

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Nope. Just here to kill time.

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